Business Team Building Activities

Mutual admiration and appreciation, the ability to communicate openly and honestly, respected creativity and promoting diversity are at the heart of healthy work relationships. These are our focus in every team building activity. It is for these reasons that absolutely NO artistic experience is necessary to participate in any of our workshops. We ultimately focus on the "unity" created from our workshops rather than a "perfect" result.

Our team building workshops are designed to get your group communicating & working together like never before! ​Your group will be amazed at what they can accomplish together. Below are various ideas that help promote team building.  Select the workshop that best fits your vision for your group experience. All workshops can be customized to fit your individual groups needs.

Paint Parties

Interested in holding a painting event? Look no further! We can customize the event to cater to you and your guests! We offer "paint parties" for mugs, wine glasses, canvas, beer mugs, etc. Please contact us with more information so we can customize your package and give you the best price possible! 

Diversity Mural

Each person is given his or her own canvas and paints a portion of a bigger picture in his/her own personal vision. When all the pieces are brought together, they create on unique, diverse, and unified mural suitable for hanging in an office, lunch room, break room or anywhere in an office building. 

Individuals form into 4 small groups. One quarter of the larger picture is given to each team. Each team member then works within their group to create their portion of the quarter picture. This will ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate and contribute to the process. Each individual team then decides color and style of their quarter section. Each teams goal is to focus on producing their own unique style of work which when completed will form part of the overall masterpiece. 

Calling all Race Car Fans

Employees are divided into small teams. Each team is provided one wooden race car kit that can easily be put together and creative paints and materials to create their entire race car brand. Each team works together to create their own special race car, flags and team color. Once all the cars are assembled, the races begin! Add music and tailgate snacks for a fun filled afternoon. Each team races their created car with the ultimate team winner receiving a prize. This event helps to create team collaboration, respected communication and creativity.

Stairway to Marshmallow Success

In this team building and problem solving event, participants are divided into teams of 3-4. Each teams gets 15 sticks of uncooked spaghetti, 10 qtips, 1 roll of masking tape, string, 6 cotton balls, 5 popsicle sticks and 1 giant marshmallow. The goal is to build the tallest tower that can stand unassisted for at least 6 seconds. 

Unified Mural

Create one giant mural for your wall, office, lobby, break room or any place in your building! 

Participants will team up to paint a work of art that is truly a group effort. Customer will provide a basic picture or logo to us so that we can transfer the image onto one large canvas. All participants will work together to paint the image. People can chose their own colors or style at the beginning of the class for a diversity painting or predetermined colors can be arranged. 

Customer is responsible for selecting the picture or logo for the group, providing a location, providing tables, chairs and inviting the guest. 

This team building event works best with more than 10 participants. 

Musical Painting

A form of musical chairs only adapted for artwork.

At the beginning of the class, a blank canvas is given to each participant and an overall theme is presented. Each person spends 10 to 15 minutes deciding on and lightly sketching their idea down onto the canvas. After time is up, each person then present their idea back to the group. Everyone begins painting their artwork in their own style and colors supplied. After every 15 minutes, music begins to play, everyone walks around the artworks and when the music stops they sit at another participants artwork and begin painting where they left off.

This team building activity is geared to creating diversity and creativity in each unique piece

At the end, all pieces are placed together to create a giant mural that can be hung on in a lobby or work area. 

Create Your Own Tabletop Garden

An essential part of "team building" is finding new and unique ways for your team to get to know each other --- to create and build mutual respect as well as to provide an atmosphere for informal social interaction.  Team building provides an environment where it is okay to take risks and make mistakes, to laugh at ourselves and to feel like part of a team.

Plant parties are a great way to create stylish works of art perfect for any office environment. Participants will create a beautiful terrarium. Plant party includes all planting materials, variety of plants, creativity materials for design and decoration, setup and clean up and instruction from a plant party specialist. 

Requires 4 weeks advance booking notice.


The finished masterpiece is yours to keep and will be ready to hang anywhere or place on a desk. The above excellent team building activities can be completed either indoors or outdoors (weather permitting) and can be adapted to fit any budget or office environment. A deposit of 50% is required for any team building event to officially book the event. Payment in full is due 7 days prior to the event.

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