Do you have the basic knowledge of how to draw a portrait? Would you like to take your drawings to the next level but arent exactly sure how? Then come join us for the day and enhance your potential! 


We will be specifically examining and learning the fundamentals for drawing facial features. During this class you will learn the following:


  • How to draw facial features from a live model and a photograph -- and understanding the difference in both
  • How to draw facial features from various directions and angles
  • The importance of proper shading, lighting, and values to help bring your realistic drawing to its full potential
  • Understanding the value scale and how it applies to portrait drawing
  • Understanding and utilizing the grid method 
  • Various tricks and tips to creating a realistic and accurate black and white portrait


Space is very limited. There will be a total of 5 spots available. TLHArtist members will receive an additional discount. Class will be held at Start Here in Lexington from 9am to 1pm with various breaks taken as needed. 

Learning the Fundamentals of Facial Features