This course will occur over a 2 day period. Class will meet on two consecutive Saturdays - March 7 and March 14 from 9am to 1pm in Lexington. It will be geared to expanding the knowledge of a beginner oil painter. 


Over this 2 day course, we will be covering the following:


  • Expanding our understanding of oil paint itself, its properties, flaws and strengths and how to apply this information to your painting

  • Advancing our knowledge of brush strokes, brushes, and mediums to create more realistic effects - our line of focus will be landscapes with slight touches on portraits

  • Enhancing our knowledge of painting materials and how the smallest details affect your work - such as cotton vs linen canvas, primed vs un-primed, etc. 

  • How to work with mixed media to help create unique and visually appealing paintings

  • Enhance our knowledge of color mixing with limited palettes

  • Working with various mediums and learning how they affect our pieces


Each class will explore different avenues with painting in oil. However, if you can not attend both classes, you are more than welcome to attend one or the other, as both classes will stand independent from each other.


In an effort to lower the cost of the class and provide art instruction for everyone, we are offering students the option of bringing their own materials. You can bring your own art supplies or purchase a supply kit at the time of class registration. If you would like to bring your own materials, please see below for the list of supplies you will need for class. If you choose to buy your supplies from us, simply add the supply kit to your cart on the class page. Supply kits are $20 in addition to the cost of the class. Any supply kits purchased will be ​given to the student the day of the class and will be theirs to keep.


**Please note that we will not have extra materials in class for student use if an item or items are forgotten off the supplies list. It is extremely important that the student come fully prepared. Refunds will not be given if the student arrives without the necessary materials to be able to participate in class.**


Below is a list of items needed to participate in the class. These are the items provided in the supply kit available for purchase:


1 oil paint kit containing primary (red, blue, yellow) colors, titanium white and mars black

1 medium bristle bright

1 medium mop brush

1 small liner brush

1 large bristle flat brush

1 small bottle of linseed oil

1 2-oz to 4-oz bottle of turpenoid 

**Only ONE supply kit is needed for each 2 day class**


All items needed for class, in addition to the list above, will be provided for by TLHArtist. As always, we will be practicing our newly learned information in class. At the end of class, each student will have a finished piece that can be taken home with them. ​


***Please note that individually purchased classes will receive the early registration discount but will not receive the two day package deal***

Intermediate Oil Course - 2 DAY PACKAGE DEAL

Art Supplies